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Los Amos de la Valle

(Masters of the Valley) is a Venezuelan novel written by psychiatrist Francisco Herrera Luque and published in 1979. The novel describes Venezuelan life since the conquest of Caracas Valley until Simón Bolivar’s baptism. The title makes reference to the Mantuano [es], noble families who had great control of this particular area.

Don Agustin de Herrera y Rojas

“More than the history of the masters of the valley of Caracas, this narrative is the history of Venezuela since Diego de Losada founded Santiago de León de Caracas in 1567 until the birth of Simón Bolivar y Palacios in 1783. A detailed chronicle of the life of the caraqueños since the conquistadors pacified…

La vega

“Fernandez de Leon also received an important command on the banks of the Tuy River, now Miranda State and part of the Caracas metropolis, located in Corocorumo and Llanos de Sala,anca. Later it was ceded to Agustin Herrera de Sarmiento y Rojas de Ayala (1569-1632), descendant of the Castilian conqueror who in the 15th century declared himself king and lord of the Seven Canary…