. Orders of Herrera .

Marquisate de

The marquisate of Lanzarote is a Spanish noble title created on May 1, 1584 by King Philip II in favor of Agustin de Herrera y Rojas, governor and captain general of the islands of La Madera and Porto Santo.

Marquisate of Herrera
and Vallehermoso

The Marquis de Herrera and Vallehermoso is a Spanish peerage created the 20 of January of 1750 by Fernando VI with the previous vizcondado of Chiclín in favor of José de Herrera and Juan Zarzosa, a resident of Trujillo (Peru).

de Palomar

Marquisate of
Torre Casa

From 1910 to 1992 to Reinaldo Herrera Uslar (1910-1972), IV marqués de Torre Casa and then his son Reinaldo Herrera Guevara,V marqués de Torre Casa.

Marques de

de Herrera